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Reasons Why

Game is the largest metaphor: many meanings for every variant of Homo sapiens, the only species that has evolved to play. People like me have niches and sell to a particular market, a particular genre. I want to play in my own niche. I was never comfortable with the idea of genre in the same way I was never comfortable with the idea of ideology or religion or brand. What I  like is the idea of imagination, which is a category of magic that can connect us to hidden worlds and realities beyond the one we all share and wake up to every morning. Reality

can mean many things, or none at all. It's a choice.

My games are different. We burn a lot of time, money and ingenuity to push beyond the limits. There’s no shooting at things. No acquiring things. No keeping score. There is,

fundamentally, pursuit—not of a finish line, but of knowledge

and  wonder. And there is the challenge of figuring things 

out, solving a puzzle, learning something new. Most of all, 

there is savoring the pleasure of exercising your own 

imagination and like the climber, getting to the top and 

living to tell the tale.

—Scott Luddin, CEO

Thinking Out Loud

A Brief Tour of the Uncanny Valley

The Case of the Killer Book

What We Make


Return to the Roaring Twenties as Earnest Hemingway and do all in your power to write your first novel and become a literary celebrity. Interact with historical figures like Hadley Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott FitzGerald, and many others. Hang out with famous expatriates and poseurs at Le Dome and Le Select. Venture to Pamplona to participate in the running of the bulls. At the same time, create your own fictional world and a novel that doesn’t have to resemble The Sun Also Rises but does have what it takes to be a bestseller. Features:


  • The game uses Arachnid’s latest technology of procedural generation to recreate a game world of realistically rendered postwar Paris and Spain.


  • Advanced AI technology enables game characters to evolve over time through advanced cognitive simulation and high-agency autonomy. You have the ability to meet with characters, engage in conversation, and establish friendships, liaisons, and other relationships. No action is disbarred, including murder, although immoral acts have consequences.

  • Voice recognition combined with character speech generation for naturalistic dialogue interactions.


  • Multiplayer capability allows players to compete with each other to achieve literary success.

Stunning visuals join with the most sophisticated dialogue communication AI in the business to enable a near total emersion in the game world. —Digitalia


In Greek mythology, Arachne was a woman famously skilled in weaving  who challenged the goddess Athena to see who was the better weaver. In one version of the story she wins, in the other she loses. The end result is the same: Athena turns Arachne into a spider.

Gustave Doré's depiction of 

Arachne in Dante's "Purgatorio"


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