Being dead takes on new meaning when players enter an afterlife that superficially resembles “America” but is in fact an alternate reality where the deceased are punished and rewarded—heaven and hell, and everything in between. There you will meet other people, some like you who are also playing the game, and other famous persons living and dead, who may or may not have information to help you on your journey.


As in life, you must pursue an unknown goal toward a final destination in a higher eternal reality, while surmounting difficulties and avoiding hazards that not only can set you back but cost you your life. In “America” even the dead can die again. If you persist and prevail, you will arrive at the Transit Chamber, the connection between the finite and the infinite, where you will have the opportunity to sit before the Levers of Nirvana, one white and one black, the colors of yin and yang. Immortality awaits. The choice will be yours. Features:


  • The game uses Arachnid’s latest technology of procedural generation to recreate a game world of surreal cityscaspes and interiors..


  • Advanced AI technology enables game characters to evolve over time through advanced cognitive simulation and high-agency autonomy. You have the ability to meet with characters, engage in conversation, and establish friendships, liaisons, and other relationships. No action is disbarred, including murder, although immoral acts have consequences.

  • Voice recognition combined with character speech generation for naturalistic dialogue interactions.


  • Multiplayer capability allows players to compete with each other to achieve literary success.

Monsters and punishments are right out of Dante's Inferno, with even more ingenious contemporary versions to add to the fun. 


Surprises at every turn. Conversations with living and dead celebrities are delicious bits of satire as well as clever vehicles to impart advice and sometimes deliberate misinformation. Gamers beware!


Technical sophistication and innovation are stunning. The incorporation of other players currently in the game (via internet) is particularly noteworthy with the ability to have live conversations.

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